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Sport Fishing in California

Friday, July 12th, 2013

The hardest thing to do while sport fishing in California is deciding on where to go. There are a plethora of destinations to choose from and fishing locations all over the waters. The best thing to do is know what you want to fish for before you go. Then of course deciding if you want to take a deep sea fishing trip or regular charter where the fish are plentiful.

Places like the San Francisco Bay have both private and group charters available to catch various Salmon, Rock Cod, and Albacore Tuna. Even though the trip is geared around sport fishing, the scenery is also unbelievable. At times you’ll find see of the most astonishing whale and bird expeditions around. So be sure to take the camera along for the ride.

For those of you who love to fly fish, Southern California gives you the opportunity to taken in some sport fishing along the coastal lines. If you like to eat what you catch, surf fishing is a great experience around the San Diego and Mission Bay. During the spring time you can find some of the biggest Halibut the area has to offer. However, the fish of choice around these parts is the Corbina which many anglers compare to the Texas Redfish.

California sport fishing isn’t complete until you’ve tackled some of the areas in the Northern region. The “Lost Coast” definitely completes the angler’s dream within Shelter Cove. Since the area is predominantly secluded, the fish have had years to lurk underneath the waters. Leaving you to catch large Black Rockfish and Stripers all over.

It really doesn’t matter where you go in California, each location can give you an experience like no other. Northern, Southern, and Central areas all have their uniqueness so if you travel to one area, put the other two on your to do list. California sport fishing will not only be a great time it will also give you many memories to reminisce about for years to come.