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Archive for July 22nd, 2013

Long Island – Suburb of New York

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Long Island is a great place to live, work and play. But before we get into what’s there, here’s a bit of a background on this famous of all eastern seaboard islands.

Located in the southeastern part of New York State, Long Island stretches eastward into the Atlantic Ocean. It is divided into four separate counties, Kings County, which is Brooklyn; Queens County, which is Queens; Nassau, which is near New York; and Suffolk, which is not. Brooklyn and Queens are part of New York City, and Nassau and Suffolk are separate counties in New York State, and make up what is colloquially referred to as Long Island.

It is suburban in its atmosphere, made up of mostly residential neighborhoods. However, there is a sizeable, thriving economy amid the affluence of the stately as well as modest homes sprawled over the two counties. For instance, the largest industrial park on the entire east coast is found in Long Island. The Hauppauge Industrial Park is composed of more than 1,300 companies which give jobs to over 55,000 residents of this area.

Considered one of the main centers for aviation in the United States for decades, such mega-companies as Grumman Aircraft made Bethpage, Long Island their headquarters. This area also has a reputation as a mecca for scientific research, with such stellar institutes as the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Stony Brook University, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

In addition to technology, agriculture also plays an important role in the island economy. The majority of agricultural activity is now located in the eastern expanses of Long Island, due to higher concentrations of residential developments in the western and central areas. A popular activity for residents in the spring, summer and fall is visiting one of the many pick-it-yourself orchards and fields where peaches, apples and pumpkins can be harvested by visitors.

This area is also famous for its affluence, where some of the country’s most wealthy people call home. The most expensive private residence in the entire country is in Bridgehampton in Suffolk County, and is known as Three Ponds. Its 60 acres of beautiful farmland sports a grass tennis court, swimming pool, golf course and lots of other luxurious amenities, with a price tag to match, coming in at $75 million. And, of course, there are investment firms everywhere you look, offering to help you to invest your money and to increase your returns.

If you’ve never visited Long Island, go. It is a delightful beautiful contrast to the look and feel of Manhattan, just a short drive away. But most of all, it’s is a great place to live.