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Fight Age Inequity under the Trade Rule of Central California.

"There is no argument that the more gray-haired we get the smarter we get. But then again, there is the truth that the more gray-haired we get, the less agile and sharp we become. There have been ideas all the time about what is the most ideal age to end working. Many believe that apart from jobs like the Police Force, Fire Fighting and such jobs that totally require physical prowess and ability, there are no other jobs that can’t be performed even if you are senior.

This is an appealing time to discuss the Age prejudice criterion under the work act of California.
Under this regulation, it is said that, to review it, no person who works for an owner that provides jobs to more than twenty staff can be strained to retire against his will.

They cant be fired from their position because of their age, as long as they are able to do the work.

But, there is another twist.

There was a very famous case of a girl who was aged 17 who was removed off from her position and was replaced by more senior person.

The law suit was originally ruled against the girl, as she was replaced by more senior person and not the other way. But then the girl appealed and then come forth with the point that, it is possible for an company to single out an worker on the basis of a protected personal feature even though the person is succeeded by someone with the same feature.

It was a milestone conclusion; it was dissimilar because a younger person was being discriminated and thus initiated yet another facet to the age discrimination criterion. "

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